The perfect team — Multi-Generation, Multi-Passioned, All Caring.


Katie, Commander in Chief

Katie, our dedicated leader and full time daycare teacher has dedicated her life to her passions. With a degree in Environmental Education, a minor in Biology from the University of Minnesota, and over 6 years of experience professionally caring for children, you couldn't hope to find a better person to care for your child. Katie has been married to her husband, Elam, since 2006, and they have one son, Dax.


Jeanine, Creative Chief at Large

Jeanine is a caring and experienced caregiver and a creative genius. As a daycare provider for families in the Lake Elmo area and the founder of 'Joy From The Heart' a glass and jewelry design studio. Jeanine has a teaching degree from St. Cloud State, and has two adult children. She provides support to Katie and Tiny Footprints children, during a normal day-to-day activities as well as during special activities and field-trips.


Alyssa, Lead Horticulturist, Professor of Herbology

Alyssa is a talented and passionate horticulturist, and co-founder of the dynamic gardening duo 'Two Gals in a Garden'.
Alyssa hosts Tiny Footprints weekly 'Sprouts with Seedlings' class is a comprehensive hands-on garden learning program where children get to engage with the growing process, tending to their own 400 Sq. Foot raised bed garden on site. 

We encourage you to read more about Sprouts with Seedlings, and other parts of our curriculum.


At Tiny Footprints, your child only plays with sustainably made, toxin-free, safe wooden toys.



We use only Organic, Botanically based Cleaning supplies. From Floors to Dishes, we do our utmost to avoid chemicals.