As Minnesotans, we pride ourselves on our agricultural prowess, healthy lifestyles, and a deep connection with our land & legacy. Tiny Footprints personifies this tradition.

What we feed your kids

Nothing we do is more important than what we feed your child. We take this responsibility seriously. Tiny Footprints provides your child snacks, meals and beverages that are nothing short of what you would feed them at home. Our meals are meticulously created to be as nutritionally balanced, locally sourced and as natural as possible. 

We do not use artificial ingredients, do not use processed foods, and almost always buy organic. In an effort to remain as sustainable and healthy as possible, we also maintain a vegetarian menu. 

In addition, all of the water we prepare our food with, or give to your child comes from a NSF Certified Carbon Block filter, removes harmful contaminates and chemical additives in our water, but unlike reverse osmosis system, leaves essential minerals, as well as flavor intact. Click here to see official filtering ratings.

Breakfast, Lunch and two snacks are included as part of your child's enrollment fee, and we work diligently to accommodate special nutritional requirements for your little one.


Where we get our food


To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.
— La Rochefoucauld