Growing Inspired, Mindful, Earth-Friendly Children

A premier childcare service designed to accommodate your child's growing needs. 

We provide a comforting, home-like environment for your child to safely explore and engage with the ever expanding world around them while also being mindful of the health and vitality of the planet.

Our Philosophy and Our Passion

Tiny Footprints Daycare and Preschool has one mission, to create a second home for your child, to inspire and nurture them in a way that would make you proud. Creativity, Mindfulness, Passion, Stewardship, and Virtue. Only Tiny Footprints can provide a place for your child so tailored to the values you hold so dear.
Meet our Grownups 

Mindful and Unique Curriculum

The capacity of a child's mind is astonishing. At Tiny Footprints, it is our goal to encourage this capacity and nurture it through thoughtful, professionally designed curriculum, emphasizing creativity, nature, exploration, virtue and collaboration.

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Healthy Food, Healthy Kids

Healthy Food is absolutely key to a healthy body, healthy mind and healthy child. Tiny Footprints is passionately committed to providing locally sourced, sustainably produced and nutritionally balanced meals to your child.

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